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What We Will Bring To Your Organization

 Development efforts – focused on products and services for external sales and consumption, or systems and software for internal usage – are often deemed to be part science and part art.

We provide both expertise on the science side, bringing together technology experts from various disciplines, and best practices in the art aspects, drawing upon the skills and know-how obtained from first-hand experience.



Eng-Dev Leadership - Programming KPIs

Engineering and Development Leadership 

  • Guidance and mentoring:  systems development, QA, rollout, and support personnel in line, matrixed, contracted/outsourced, and remote/offshore reporting structures.
  • Products and systems:  application software, integrated hardware/software systems, custom systems.
  • Architecture planning:  scalable to meet capacity and performance criteria.
  • Concurrent development:  spanning geographically dispersed development centers.
  • QA/QC:  test cases and priorities, metrics, tie-backs to development
  • Full lifecycle planning:  strategic product/technology roadmaps, business plan establishment, and “cradle-to-grave” phase management.
  • Bridging the gap:  customer needs, market requirements, competitive pressures, technology trends, and R&D priorities.





Business Leadership

  • Budgeting:  projections, management and monitoring of department OPEX/CAPEX, project and program budgets, and product and services P&L.
  • Operations streamlining and cost optimization:  at departmental and corporate levels.
  • Revenue contribution:  helping to drive year-over-year organic revenue growth.
  • Collaboration:  Board and executive team interactions and cross-business-unit communication.
  • M&A:  due diligence and subsequent business integration.
  • Business strategy and planning:  from concept through detailed implementation.




Pgm-Prod Mgmt - MPP Image-2

Program/Project Management 

  • In-house and on-premise team leadership, from concept/pre-sales stages through implementation.
  • Mentoring project team members and stakeholders toward common goals and critical success factors.
  • Cross-functional team collaboration and timely problem resolution.
  • Managing scope, schedule, cost, quality, risks, and resources throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Portfolio management: planning and execution of multi-project, multi-year initiatives 





Status Template

Process and Standards 

  • Best practices:  to mature the development/NPI process in support of sustainable revenue streams.
  • Review points:  design reviews, change reviews, reliability/availability/serviceability (RAS) considerations.
  • Business improvements:  leading cross-functional initiatives to attain industry-leading customer satisfaction and loyalty metrics.
  • Assessment and review of current practices:  impartial suggestions and recommendations for potential process improvements, greater efficiencies, cost reduction, and optimizing revenue producing opportunities. 




Strategic Retail Sales PlanCustomer, Vendor and Partner Relationships

  • Customer advocacy:  assisting in critical customer escalations and “SWAT team” efforts
  • Customer relations:  pre-and post-sales situations, customer focus groups, key account management
  • Partner/vendor relations:  contract negotiations and administration, joint product planning, partner focus groups 







Customer-Vendor-Partner Launch PlanStrategic Marketing and Product Management 

  • Competitive analysis:  trends, industry leaders, opportunities
  • Business case development:  market sizing, new/existing customer adoption rates, ROI
  • Product roadmaps: milestone planning, key features, critical timing aspects
  • Ability to execute:  strengths, weaknesses, funding, organizational logistics
  • Product marketing:  messaging, positioning, packaging, pricing, branding
  • Go-to-market strategy:  launch planning, sales prep, lead gen, advertising/media, analysts
  • Partner/channel:  coverage, partner recruiting, co-op marketing/sales promos



Bottom Line

Development and product operations are multi-faceted and, as noted, require some science, some art, and some would postulate an added dose of luck.  The science is ever-changing and improving – we can help with that.  The art comes from experience and creativity – we bring that to the table.  The luck – we’ll take it when we can get it as we contribute to your success. 

For more information, or to request a proposal, you may email us at, or call our offices at 408-459-9772.