Engagement Model

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Successful Product Launches

“Products and systems that excite the customer, increase sales, and bring a feeling of satisfaction and success to your employees.”

Easy to envision – not always so easy to execute.  Things can spiral out of control rather quickly.

Long hours spent planning, designing, implementing, testing, alpha trials, fine tuning, and re-swizzling functionality and features as you iterate through changing requirements.  Follow that with launch planning:  marketing, advertising, channel rollouts, beta programs, pricing and promotions just to name a few.

Sometimes you are fortunate and have the right resources and skill sets onboard to address all the various critical success factors.  Other times you may not be so fortunate.  Some external assistance may be in order to ensure schedules are met, scope will satiate the customer’s needs, costs are managed, and a quality product that meets specifications and customer needs will result.


Sample Engagement Model

We offer a variety of engagement models to suit your needs and budget.  Given a well defined target and set of desired outcomes, we have found a typical approach might involve three steps or gates.  These are accompanied by a management summary and report which can be utilized to tailor the focus, scope, cost, and schedule for subsequent phases.


Phase 1 – Audit & Assessment

We begin with an audit and assessment of the current processes, procedures, and programs in question within the organization. This results in an audit report that outlines our analysis of the status, the organizational readiness, and confirms the targeted problem areas.  It also contains a set of recommended modifications and enhancements which would allow the organization to proceed most efficiently toward the intended goal.





Phase 2 – Business Impacts

Utilizing the recommendations from Phase 1, conduct an in depth examination of the business impacts in all affected operating departments and functions.  We provide detailed implementation plans and projected cost/scope for each affected entity, along with an overall integration strategy.  This phase typically encompasses all potential business impacts:  internal operating departments, strategic partners (if applicable), customer implications, and market considerations. 





Phase 3 – Systemic Changes

One-time changes may be beneficial for short-term goals, but typically systemic changes are required to ensure sustainable revenues and repeatable successes in product and system development.  This phase includes a pragmatic post mortem analysis to assist your organization in determining what long term modifications and enhancements may be beneficial or required for long term success.  Analytics may include:  processes/procedures, tools, quality criteria, customer satisfaction metrics, organizational readiness and competencies, partner readiness and evaluation criteria, potential costs/investments, and potential changes to strategic plans.  


Key Advantages

Cafeteria style services selection – tailored to your needs and budget.  Experienced corporate leadership is available on an as-needed basis to provide the following:

  • Assistance in developing strategies for new product and marketing opportunities
  • Process improvements to contain costs and improve productivity
  • Experienced leadership to tightly manage key projects and programs
  • Catalyst for collaboration and communication among team members and key personnel
  • Assistance in pre-and post-sales customer relations



We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs for interim assistance or contract services in the areas of: engineering, product management, software development, program/project management, services, support, strategic marketing, and general business operations.  For more information on different engagement models, or to request a proposal, you may email us at info@rschumacherassoc.com, or call our offices at 408-459-9772.   We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and targeted project requirements.

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