About Us

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Our Mission and Business Focus

R Schumacher & Associates LLC was formed as a vehicle for bringing together a team of senior consultants in the field of technology management, product development, product management, and product marketing.

Located in Orange County and Santa Clara County, CA, we are ready to serve the needs of California-based and other geographically dispersed enterprises in need of contract services or interim executive assistance.

 Our Added Value

We specialize in product development and product management for the software and technology space. Bringing over 20 years of experience to the table in various executive roles, primarily in product and systems development, we offer the following:

-  A balanced business perspective and technology vision.
-  The ability to lead diverse technical teams in various disparate geographies.
-  Delivery of innovative products, systems, and services that exceeded customer expectations.
-  Significant sales and revenue growth for the affiliate company.

Working with a small team of key contributors and specialists to help streamline the design, development and launch process, we can address your unmet needs in the product operations area.  Perhaps that is a few extra professionals to fill gaps in the existing team.  Or it may involve attacking several project tasks that were falling behind or simply were not being addressed.  It may mean providing the helping hand that pulls the team back by the shirttail just before they run into the wall (and learn first-hand just how hard that wall is.)


We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs for interim assistance or contract services in the areas of:  engineering, product management, software development, program/project management, services, support, strategic marketing, and general business operations.

For an overview of the types of services and projects we have to offer, please see the Services tab.

To learn more about R Schumacher & Associates and how to make us a partner in your success, view our Engagement Model page.